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Project Description
Deppton allows you to run dynamic survey forms. No need to develop specific survey workflows as they are defined in xml.
It uses Windows Mobile 5.0 and is written in C#.

This project aims to those who need to fill forms in mobile devices. It uses Windows Mobile to enable users to fill forms and synchronize its results.


  • Survey definition via XML (currently)
  • Survey instance values and metadata stored in XML (currently)
  • Question preconditions and conditions
  • GPS capture (with optional radius validation)
  • Survey completion conditions and results evaluation

Pending tasks

  1. Improve overall experience for running the application
    1. Explain how to set up the sample data
    2. Set up the sample data within the project
  2. Add documentation
    1. XML files
    2. Solution logic
  3. Add tests (maybe refactor the solution)
  4. Implement synchronization

Conditions evaluation model

Deppton has a conditions evaluation engine that is used consistently along the application.

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